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General principle & objectives

The DPG should exclusively and directly serve the fields of pure and applied physics, bring its members and all physicists living in Germany closer together, represent their entirety outwards as well as foster the exchange of ideas between its members and foreign colleagues.

The DPG seeks to achieve these goals particularly by: annual meetings, spring meetings and section conferences, scientific meetings (among others at the "Physikzentrum" Bad Honnef and "Magnus-Haus" in Berlin), publishing activities, honours, awards, cultivation of relationships to national and international associations sharing the same or related ambitions, participation in international associations and by advisory service on matters of research promotion, education and career.

The DPG binds itself and its members to advocate for freedom, tolerance, veracity and dignity in science and to be aware about the fact, that the people working in science are responsible to a particularly high extent for the configuration of the overall human activity.

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